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The Art Of Christian Blogging

Blogging generally can be very tedious and at the same time rewarding, the same goes for Christian blogging. Before I was led to be a Christian creative, I had walked through all nooks and crannies of blogging. I will go on to share my experiences here.

If you are reading this, then you are either a Christian blogger or aspiring to be one. You could also be reading just to add to your knowledge. Blogging for the kingdom is fun and can also be a ministerial call.

Your interest in Christian blogging is an indication of the call upon your life to influence souls in whichever way you can, don’t misuse this privilege.

There are things you must understand before diving into blogging as a ministry.

  1. Blog Jesus
  2. Christian blogging is not like other blogging
  3. Be a student of the scripture
  4. Know your audience
  5. Focus and Consistency
  6. You have laid your hand on the plough, don’t look back
  7. Keep praying



You must get your motive right before going into Christian blogging. I am a follower of bloggers who is not blogging for the right purpose.

If you want to be a Christian blogger, your sole purpose for blogging must be for JESUS, that the knowledge of Jesus will fill the digital world. It must be to advance the kingdom of God.

We have different forms of Christian blogging, some blog on sermons, some music, some write about the Christian faith and many more. In whatever way you fit in, make sure you blog Jesus.


I rarely see blogs that focus on Christian blogging and that has given a lot of newbies a wrong notion about Christian blogging. I have blogged about many other things but Christian blogging is different.

A Christian blog is not like other blogs because

  • It is an altar to win souls for Christ
  • It is a platform to disciple men for Christ
  • It is a call to ministry

Never use the same lens to view Christian blogging and other types. Blogging might be a vocational activity you want to try out but Christian blogging is not. It is part of digital ministry.


As someone who blogs Jesus, you are called to be a teacher and evangelist. A teacher, by sharing insights from the scripture on your blog and an evangelist by proclaiming Jesus to the ends of the earth through your blog.

To fulfil this, you must be a student of the scripture. Give yourself to studying the word of God day and night. It should not depart from you. No matter the kind of blog you manage, to reach God’s people and impact them effectively, be a student of the Bible.


When Jesus was sending out the twelve in Matt. 10, He gave them strict instructions of their audience, “But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Matt. 10:6.

The digital world is massive. Over 7 billion people are using the internet, and over 1 billion use social media. Over 30 million people are using social media in Nigeria, the second-largest in Africa second to Egypt.

God is sending you out to a specific stratum, inquire your audience from God, know them, and focus on them. You can only be relevant if you target your audience.

Remember the testimonies that follow in Luke 9:6


These two characteristics are very difficult but attainable.

  • Stay on your lane and don’t be distracted (FOCUS)
  • As you do that, continue running (CONSISTENCY)

You have to keep away from every distraction. There are a lot of things that will discourage you, people will discourage you but you need to stay focused and consistent with what you are doing.

Make sure you don’t divert your focus because you see other bloggers getting more views, comments, and shares. Just keep your best at what you are doing and expect God to crown your effort.


I mentioned at the beginning of this article that this is a call to ministry, it is a ministry. Once you lay your hand on the plough, never look back.

Before you start, be prepared to continue. Whatever God has given to you as a ministry has lives attached to it. Reach them, don’t leave them stranded.


Everything needs prayer. In fact, Christian blogging is a spiritual activity. What is on your blog affects tens and hundreds of people, you have to keep praying for your blog and audience.

Prayer commands authority from the spiritual realm. Your blog is an altar to dispense the word of Grace, engage in prayer so as to let God nourish both your blog and the words that you will be publishing.

In prayer, you also get direction about the next thing to publish and inspiration to go about it. Be a man and woman of prayer


I hope this blessed you

If you have comments or questions, let me know in the comment box, I will be here to answer your questions.

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