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20 Remarkable Social Media Ideas for Churches

Some churches have been taking advantage of social media while some have not. One trend of social media usage is posting event flyers and streaming live only.

Social media can be more effective for your church purpose. It is a platform for socializing, and engagement, not only for broadcast. I have highlighted 20 ways we can use our social media effectively for the Gospel advancement.

Before we look at the social media ideas for churches, this is a checklist I want you to have in mind when embarking on your social media journey

  • Create a social media calendar. It works!
  • Get a social media strategy. Don’t just go there with anything that works.
  • Make sure you determine your vision and mission on social media. It must align with the mandate of your church.
  • Know your audience. Those you are sent to, their demographics, age range, location and so on.

You must get these things right before you embark on choosing which idea will suit your church. Remember, YOUR GOAL IS ENGAGEMENT

Here are the 20 engaging social media ideas for churches

  1. Share a quote delivered by your pastor or a group leader
  2. Share a Bible verse
  3. Sunday Sermon or Bible Sunday excerpts
  4. Design all scriptures used during the sermon as “scriptures for the week”
  5. Quote a tweet posted by a member of your church and retweet
  6. Design a list of all church announcements and happenings
  7. 1- or 2-minute selfie video lessons from the sermon by a member of the church
  8. Ask your social media audience how you can pray for them
  9. Share people’s testimony
  10. Invite people to sign up for a newsletter
  11. Provide free resources to download on your website
  12. Throwback photos
  13. Photos of members at your last gathering
  14. Weekly or daily devotional guide. It might be a graphic, a post or a document to be downloaded
  15. Create innovative questions from the Bible for engagement
  16. Give a preview of what to expect on Sunday service or Bible study
  17. Interview your pastor
  18. Share your blog posts and other articles that will be useful
  19. Share a song that you enjoy and ask for people’s preference
  20. Share a Pastor’s reading list, a list of scriptures or books

Try to check what your digital neighbour is doing and adopt it in your unique way. The goal is to take Jesus digital. Try many things and make use of the ones that work for you.

You can educate us on some ideas also in the comment box.

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