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Social Media as an Altar

A major reason why we must consider social media as an altar is that as of 2020, the speculated statistics of people on social media were given as 3.8 billion of which about 4.5 billion use the internet. I am not sure about the statistics in Nigeria.

Social media became relevant in building relationships among youths, also as a platform for interaction, in the world today. The majority of youths are active, particularly on social media. You ask, how then does this concern believers?

COVID 19 exposed the passive use of the digital sphere by Christians, a treasure we have failed to discover for so long, now graciously hunted for, during the general lockdown. We made an important discovery; Social Media as an Altar.

During these times, no longer did we see the wooden or aluminium constructed pulpit, the only altar perceived God uses, no longer did we see the designed secluded place in the church as the only altar God can use for manifestations. We considered our smartphones, social media (which served as a means to dispense the word of God), as an altar God used to dispense His word. Though we must make sure we are addicted to social media in the process

We recorded testimonies. People bore witness of God ministering to them via zoom meetings, Facebook and Instagram live videos, and so on.

I remember reading a testimony shared on Evangelist Damilola Mike Bamiloye’s channel, how the writer gave his life to Christ after seeing the movie ‘THE TRAIN’ which premiered on the YouTube channel.


Let’s see the digital sphere as a platform to share the Good News, the space is still very much available to us. If you are not offering JESUS to your friends on Facebook, followers on Instagram and Twitter, contacts on WhatsApp, what then have you been feeding them?

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up as you are already doing” (1 Thess. 5:11).

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  1. God bless you for these works on digital evangelism. Love to know more. Thanks

    1. All glory be to God

      You can follow the website for more information about digital ministry.
      I will keep you updated through this page

  2. I social media come un altare - BlogNOW