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6 Myths of Digital Evangelism


During the pandemic, the world experienced a shift, as far as human interaction and communication are concerned. We are yet to recover this change. One resultant effect of this is the growth and advancement of digital evangelism.

I have researched ministries that have utilized the opportunity of the digital world to spread the gospel of Christ. The pandemic has opened for us, opportunities to reach the global world, via the digital world.

Digital evangelism can be in form of online evangelism or internet evangelism. These keywords are used interchangeably but they mean the same.

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Though the opportunities we have, to take Jesus to the ends of the earth via digital platforms is visible, there are myths about digital evangelism that exist. I will be disclaiming the 6  myths of digital evangelism.

Here are the 6 myths I want to disclaim

  • It is not an effective way of evangelism
  • I need to possess a digital skill
  • The internet is the devil’s invention
  • It requires huge money or resources to start
  • Social media update is Digital Evangelism
  • Digital evangelism will replace the traditional way of evangelism

We thank God for the gift of the digital world.

  1. It is not an effective way of evangelism

In Nigeria, as a February report from Statista, there are more than 200 million people that use the internet. Over 30 million people can be found on social media and these statistics change every day. The command of Jesus was to GO to all the earth, to the ends of the earth which means wherever man can be found. The digital world is filled with men and we must take the Gospel there.

The power of the gospel is not in the means but in the gospel itself. People do not believe in Jesus because of the means of communicating him, but because of the power to change lives, resident in the gospel (Jesus crucified and resurrected)

  1. I need to possess a digital skill

This is a common excuse. A friend of mine that attended the digital evangelism conference organized by the ministry, said he always thought, until you had a digital skill, you cannot engage in digital evangelism, that is not so.

We have volunteers who work with us as ministers of the gospel in the digital world. All they have to do is to own a device and basic know-how, on how to communicate using their device. You reading this, can be a digital evangelist

  1. The internet is the devil’s invention

One of the pressing debates of the invention of the internet, especially when it first surfaced in Nigeria and other countries in Africa was “Would Jesus have used the internet?.” Even though the pandemic resolved this issue, some still hold onto the myth that the internet is the devil’s workshop.

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord. The internet is a good gift from the Lord and we must use this gift to propagate the Gospel. The devil is doing his best to invest in the digital world and that is why believers must be the light that shines over darkness.

  1. It requires huge money or resources to start

All it requires is a basic know-how knowledge of how to use social media platforms. You don’t need a huge amount of money to start a digital evangelism project. Messaging your Facebook friends and offering to pray for them is a great way to start.

As God will be inspiring men and revealing strategies, there may be a need for expansion of reach, which will require money but trust in God, He can sponsor His work.

  1. Social media updates are Digital Evangelism

Church marketing is not digital evangelism, it is a means of digital evangelism but it is not digital evangelism. Jesus commands the Church to go into the world, not the world to go inside the Church. While we may want to convince ourselves that uploading our events or sharing scriptures on social is digital evangelism, it is not.

It is first evangelism before it is digital. We must be intentional about reaching out to the lost sheep and do less of marketing the church.

  1. Digital evangelism will replace the traditional way of evangelism

The future of evangelism is digital evangelism. Our traditional way of evangelism cannot be eradicated, it can only be improved and this is what digital evangelism has come to do. We are in the era of a hybrid church; our websites and Facebook pages have become our doors through which we welcome people. The church, ministries, and believers must take advantage of this opportunity to share the Gospel.


We have pastors, evangelists, teachers that still play down the power of the internet. The future is here, we must start engaging people, using the palm of our hands. I know the internet has been used for many atrocities, this is why we must take Jesus digital.

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